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Mysteel invites you to join the International Iron and Steel Financial Derivatives Conference at Shangri-La Hotel, Shanghai Pudong, on 15-16th 2017.

2017 marks an important year for the implementation of the government's "13th Five-Year" plan. Furthermore, more stringent supply-side structural reforms and environmental measures will take hold and have a marked impact on market and pricing dynamics.

The Chinese steel industry still faces many challenges in the year ahead from unwinding the high levels of debt/leveraging to relatively higher steelmaking raw materials costs and increased pressure to limit pollutant emissions from domestic environmental protection agencies.

With the gradual slowdown of China's economy and the progress in resolving heavy industries' overcapacity issues, Mysteel believes Chinese iron steel prices have bottomed out and will maintain modest strength through the remainder of 2017.

The conference aims at providing a platform for industry participants to engage in risk management concepts to manage price risks/shocks by actively utilizing the available derivatives contracts; thereby maintaining healthy and sustainable operations.

In order to promote greater enterprise and industry participation in the use of steel-related financial derivatives markets to control price risk and protect operations, Mysteel have convened the International Iron and Steel Financial Derivatives Conference. The theme of this year's event is "Industrial Revolution and Convergence".

Hot Topics

  • Analysis and Perspective of Domestic and Overseas Marco-economic Situations in 2017
  • Current Operations and Future Development Tendency of Iron & Steel Industry
  • Supply and Demand Situations and Tendency of Price Change for Iron & Steel Market
  • Development and Innovation of Iron & Steel Derivatives Market

Conference Agenda

June 15, 2017, Thursday
09:00-21:00 Sign-in
14:00-18:00 Synch-Forum 1: Service Improvement and Product Innovation ------ SHFE Ferrous Metals Forum (Shengshi Hall 1)
1. 2017 Chinese Iron & Steel Industrial Policies and Market Changes;
Speech by: Wang Yingsheng, Deputy Secretary-General, China Iron and Steel Association (CISA);
2. 2017 Chinese Stainless Steel Industry’s Operation and Prospect;
Speech by: Liu Fuxing, Vice President, Stainless Steel Sub-Association, China Special Steel Enterprises Association(SSEA);
3. 2017 Chinese Metal Scrap Industry’s Operation and Prospect;
Speech by: Wang Fangjie, Deputy Secretary-General, China Association of Metal Scrap Utilization(CAMU);
4. 2017 Chinese Iron Ores and Coke Markets Semiannual Report Presentation;
Speech by: Shi Zhenglei, Ore-analyst; Xiong Chao, Coke-analyst; Shanghai Ganglian Holdings;
5. Chinese Hot Rolled Coil Market Forecast and Strategies for the 2nd Half of 2017;
Speech by: Zhou Tao, Ferrous Metals and Construction Materials Researcher, Research Department, CITIC Futures;
6. 2017 Chinese Wire Rod and HRC Markets Semiannual Report Presentation;
Speech by: Feng Jinyun, Structural Steels Analyst; Cao Jianyong, HRC Analyst, Shanghai Ganglian Holdings;
7. 2017 2nd Half Wire Rod Market Logic Outlook: How Spot Enterprises make better use of futures tools;
Speech by: Zhangyong, Managing Director, COFCO Futures;
8. Discussion session
14:00-17:30 Synch-Forum 2: Consultation on the Adjustment of Iron Ore Futures Delivery Quality Standards (Dalian Hall)
1. Introduction of the Adjustment of Iron Ore Futures Delivery Quality Standards
2. Discussion session
13:30-15:00 Synch-Forum 3: “ Shangri-La Long-Short Debate”------ Ferrous Metals Industrial Chain Market Symposium (Qingdao Hall)
1.Debate Session: Market Development in the eye of long-sellers and short-sellers
2.Current Operation of Iron Ore and Coke Swap Futures and Option Contracts on SGX; Speech by: Sun Yinying, Assistant Vice President, China Market, Singapore Exchange;
14:00-16:00 Synch-Forum 4:Shanghai Clearing House ------ RMB Iron Ore Swap Futures Forum (Shenyang Hall)
1. Introduction of SHCH RMB Iron Ore Swap Futures Central Counterparty Clearing Business; Speech by: Hu Zhe, Innovative Business Department, SHCH;
2.Trading Strategies Available for Iron Ore Derivative Products; Speech by: Yao Wensong, Manager, Ganzhou Guangyu Investment Management;
3. Analysis over the Fundamental Elements of the Ferrous Metals Market; Speech by: Yu Chen, Analyst, Shanghai Ganglian Holdings;
4. A Brief Introduction of RMB Iron Ore Swap Futures Products; Speech by: Wang Huihong, Commodity Broker, Shanghai Fengte Investment;
14:00-17:00 Synch-Forum 5: 2017 Ferroalloy Industry Financial Forum (Changchun Hall)
1. Silicomanganese Metals: Restless 1st Half and Extraordinary 2nd Half ------ Speech by: Zha Zuodong, Silicomanganese Analyst,;
2. Introduction of Ferroalloy Futures Market Operation ------ Speech by: Yuan Weijie, Non-agricultural Products Department, ZCE;
3. How Ferroalloy Spots Enterprises Could Make Better Use of Futures to Improve Their Value Preservation Effectiveness ------ Speech by: Shi Xingwei, General Manager, Zhengzhou Business Department, SHZQ Futures;
4. Ferroalloy Futures Delivery Handling Experience ------ Speech by: Qin Yan, General Manager, Ningxia Zhengyun International Trade Co., Ltd.
5. Discussion session for ferroalloy futures and spots users, suppliers and traders;
15:15-18:15 Synch-Forum 6:Freight and Bulk Commodities Symposium (Qingdao Hall)
1. SGX Freight, Iron Ore and Coking Coal Business Updates ------ Speech by: Chen Yingsheng, Director of Bulk Commodity Department, SGX;
2. Baltic Exchange Freight Index Introduction ------ Speech by: Li Xianming, China Region, Baltic Exchange;
3. Freight and Commodity Price Risk Control Based on Freight and Bulk Commodity Derivatives Management ------ Speech by: Qiu Hanying, Freight Investor Service (FIS);
4. Supply-demand Balance on Freight Market ----- Speech by:  Li Cheng Shan, Market Analyst, Clarksons Platou;  
5. Freight Risk and Exposure ------ Speech by:  Jeffery Lim, Broker, BRS Shanghai; Cheng Yu Wang, Shanghai Manager, Clarksons Platou;
6. Clearing and Its Benefits ------ Huang Shicong, Commodity Expert, SGX;
18:00-20:00 Synch-Activity 7: Planking Down! Financial Elites Physical Challenge Contest (Shenyang Hall)
18:00-20:00 Buffet: YI Café, Floor 2, Zijin Hall
June 16, 2017, Friday Morning (Chang’an Hall)
Host: Wang Yingsheng,  Deputy Secretary-General, China Iron and Steel Association (CISA)
07:00-10:00 Sign In
Part 1: Opening Speeches
08:30-09:00 1. Gu Jianguo, Executive Vice President, China Iron and Steel Association (CISA);
2. Wang Weiming, President of China Futures Association (CFA);
3. Jiang Yan, President of Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE);
4. Wang Fenghai, General Manager, Dalian Commodity Exchange (DEC)
Part 2: Macroscopic Analysis
09:00-09:30 Keynote Speech 1: Operation Analysis and Key Problems in  Iron and Steel Industry
Speech by: Wang Liqun, Vice President, China Iron and Steel Association (CISA);
09:30-10:15 Keynote Speech 2: 2017 Chinese Economy Outlook from a Financial Perspective
Speech by: Ba shusong, Chief Economist, China Banking Association (CBA), and Chief China Economist, HKEx;
10:15-10:55 Keynote Speech 3: Commodities: Back to Bear Market?
Speech by: Xu Xiaoqing, Chief Supervisor of Macro-strategies, DH Fund Management;
10:55-11:10 Keynote Speech 4: 2017 Steel Futures Market: Operation Analysis and Forecasts
Speech by: Dr. Chen Ye, No.1 Commodity Department, SHFE;
11:10-11:25 Keynote Speech 5:Futures Market Development and Institutional Innovation: the Globalization of Iron Ore Futures;  
Speech by: Jing Mingyi, Industrial Products Business Department, Dalian Commodity Exchange (DEC);
11:25-12:00 Forum: The Development and Innovation of Commodity Futures Market
Host: Dang Jian, Vice President, China Futures Association (CFA);
Li Hui, Chief Supervisor, No.1 Commodity Department, SHFE;
Chen Wei, Chief Supervisor, Industrial Products Business Department, Dalian Commodity Exchange (DEC)
Guo Shuhua, Chief Supervisor, Non-agricultural Products Department, ZCE;
Chen Shiliang, General Manager of China Market, SGX;
Huang Hao, Director, Commodity Product Development Department, HKEx;
12:00-12:15 Keynote Speech 6: Enterprises’ Market Risk Management System: Freedom with a Boundary
Speech by: Shi Jianhua, Executive President, Beijing Hua Rong Qi Ming Risk Management Technology CORP., LTD.
12:15-13:30 Buffet: Kaifeng Hall, Floor 3, Pujiang Hall
June 16, 2017, Friday Afternoon(Chang’an Hall)
Host: Xia Xiaokun, Vice President, Shanghai Ganglian Holdings
Part 3: Industrial Finance Session
13:30-13:45 Keynote Speech 7: Ferroalloy Futures and Their Recent Operations
Speech by: Guo Shuhua, Chief Supervisor, Non-agricultural Products Department, ZCE;
13:45-14:00 Keynote Speech 8: CCP Clearing Helps the Development of OTC Commodity Derivatives
Speech by: Huang Fei, Assistant General Manager, Innovation Business Department, Shanghai Clearing House;
14:00-14:30 Keynote Speech 9: Practical Experiences of Using Futures to Hedge against Operating Risks
Speech by: Cai Yongzheng, Investment Office, Securities Department, Nanjing Iron & Steel Group;
14:30-15:00 Keynote Speech 10: A Few Thoughts on How to Use Options
Speech by: Lu Wenqi, Chief Supervisor of Investment, China International Capital Corporation (CIPP)
15:00-15:30 Keynote Speech 11: The Application of Basis Pricing in Soybean Crushing Industry
Speech by: Jiang Lili, Vice General Manager, Oil and Fat Business Department, Jiusan Group
15:30-16:00 Keynote Speech 12: Future Investment Opportunities in Ferrous Commodities
Speech by: Bin Yixiang, Chief Supervisor of Investment, Hangzhou Xiangshi Industrial Co., Ltd.
16:00-16:30 Keynote Speech 13: Case Study: Iron and Steel Hedging Practices
Speech by: Wang Qiang, Director of Derivatives Business Department, Grand Resources Group
16:30-17:00 Keynote Speech 14: Fundamental Analysis over 2017 Steel Market
Speech by: Ren Zhuqian, Assistant General Manager,
17:00-18:00 Forum: Ferrous Industry:  Trading and Researches
Host: Wu Jingjing, Division Chief of Raw Materials Division, Senior Analyst, China Iron and Steel Association (CISA);
Su Quanming, Director of Commodity Investment, Beijing Jianlong Heavy Industry Group;
Zhang Kun, Trader, Gangfu Group;
Ren Jun, General Manager, Beijing Pushun Investment Management Co., Ltd.
Du Hui, Chief Analyst of Ferrous Metals Industry, Zhongtai Securities;
Liu Boya, Managing Director, GF Futures (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
Zhang Yong, Executive Director, COFCO Futures;
18:00-20:00 Reciprocal Banquet:  Kaifeng Hall, Floor 3, Pujiang Hall

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